Rancho Luna is an ecological hotel where we value the importance of connecting with nature. Therefore, we do NOT count with electricity. We function with solar panels, candles and torches to enjoy most of the environment. In order to reduce contamination, we ask you to bring your own towel, the ecosystem will appreciate it!

Located at the Caribbean Sea, by the foothill of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Rancho Luna is the place to dive into nature. Enjoy of a unique beach landscape just for yourself among the tropical jungle, the golden sunrises and the cold winds coming down from the snow under the white nights of full moon.

With a maximum capacity of 28 people, this wide space is located at a natural reserve becomes the perfect spot to enjoy complete freedom, listen the waves of the sea, practice some yoga, have a nice walk by the beach, observe the abundance of local vegetation, flora and fauna or dive in a good book.