With a strategic location, Rancho Luna offers multiple possibilities for you to go on short trips around. From a 30-minute walk by the beach to rivers out mouth to the possibility to get to the northern point of South America. At Rancho Luna, we help you plan your trip so that you can enjoy the most out of your staying. We manage excursions and transportation with our local partners.

Note: The prices of the entrances are not included and may variate on season and availability.

Walks in
the surroundings
of the Hotel

From the hotel you can take walks by the beach where you will be able to get by Guachaca river’s out mouth (25 minutes) and Buritaca river’s out mouth (1 hour). With the company of the waves you will be able to appreciate a diverse variety of birds, butterflies and exotic flowers, endemic of the region.

Tayrona National
Natural Park

Among White sand, mangroves and tropical jungle, this endemic park is located only 15 minutes by car or 25 minutes by bus from the hotel. With a diversity of ecosystems where you can observe all kinds of species (some of them on their way of extinction), up in the trees, down at the floor or under the sea. The Tayrona National Park is an idyllic place to spend an entire day moving around by foot or horse, enjoying of a fried fish at the arenilla beach, walking up to pueblito, where you can find archeological remains of the Tayronas, or snorkeling at the natural pool by its colorful coral reef.

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The lost city

También conocido como Parque Arqueológico Teyuna, este increíble lugar construido hace más de 700 años fue el centro de la civilización Tayrona. A 1.700 metros sobre el nivel del mar, con el nacimiento del río Buritaca, ciudad perdida sigue siendo el principal centro urbano de los más de 50.000 indígenas que aún habitan la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

La duración de la visita es de 4 a 6 días. La entrada está a 5 minutos del hotel. (Podemos organizarles este paseo dejando el equipaje en el hotel sin costo).

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Quebrada Valencia

Located 2km away from Rancho Luna, this magical place is a natural reserve sacred to the indigenas, has an 8 well waterfall (5 public wells). The place is surrounded by trees who are houndreds of years old (maybe even housands) and keep taking roots everywhere. Among a short and pleasant walk by the rubber trees’ shadow, with the water flowing sound by your side, you will arrive to this beautiful place where you can enjoy taking the sun at a rock like an iguana or jumping around at the deep water wells as a dolphin.

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Buritaca, Don Diego and Palomino rivers

They are 10, 20 and 30 minutes away respectively, from the hotel. This rivers all come down directly for the snow peaks of the Sierra Nevada and the plan consists in taking a walk among hills and valleys that could be between 30 and 90 minutes (is up to your choice and capabilities) at a jungle landscape along the river to then enjoy a usually quiet sail by tubing down the river.

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Flamingo Sanctuary

If you are looking for a different kind of landscape, going into La Guajira, heading north of Rancho Luna, a dry jungle by the Caribbean Sea is waiting for you. At Santuario de Flamencos you will be able to observe the pink flamencos while you sail at a wooden canoe with local fisherman. Home of multiple bird species and crustaceous, the Camarones Park is located 1 hour away by car, is an easy access trip and it involves very few physical activities. It is very important to keep in mind that the birds that inhabit this place are migratory animals, which is why is not possible to see them all year long.

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Alta Guajira

Getting Deep inside the Alta Guajira you will arrive to the desert of Cabo de la Vela, among salt mountains, white sand beaches and an intense blue sea, this is a place to eat lobster, practice windsurf, kitesurf and get inside the Wayú culture. Going through Cabo de la Vela and further you can arrive to Punta Gallinas, a desertic cliff that is just indescribable. And if you want to go a little more further away and time allows you to, we recommend you going into the Natural Reserve of Macuira, an small humid jungle oasis in the middle of the desert. This excursion is a bit longer and requires 2-5 nights and a more complex organization.

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We count with diverse spaces at the beach as well as inside that are perfect for hosting all types of workshops, retreats, meetings and small celebrations so that you can share the magic of the environment with whoever you want. If you are interest in hosting an event please contact us by email or WhatsApp and we’ll answer right away!

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